Ben Schroeder Limited Release Neon Green with Purple Fade Available June 23rd.

Ben Schroeder Limited Release of 30 signed and numbered custom painted and silk screened board available June 23rd at 12pm Noon PST.

This board features Neon Green with a Purple Fade and a light gold metallic flake highlight paint and is silkscreened. Made in the USA.

Here's what Jeff Grosso had to say about Ben:

Ben didn’t like music as a child.

He’s from a quaint little town called Monrovia, located in the San Gabriel Valley, about a half an hour east of Los Angeles. He came up in the early eighties. His Brothers and he had created a ramp in their parents back yard that quickly became the local hot spot. 

He was larger than the rest of his brothers. Hell, of the rest of skateboarding! But, thats not what made him stand out. It was this elegant approach and willingness to take the hit. There is an obscene strength in Ben’s riding and an effortless grace that make it insanely exciting to watch. Like a locomotive barreling down the track you just can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. 

Which brings us to his trick contribution. Fleet of foot, strong in his convictions, Ben 10 likes to turn, to feel his skateboard beneath his feet. There is an intelligence in his riding, and in a time that everyone was shooting for the stars, Ben was mastering the lip. Tricks like…

The Chaffe Slide (frontside tail slide)
Chaffe Slide Revert
Alley Oop Lipslide
Disco Lip (alley oop 50/50, lipslide, smith)
Alley Oop Nose Grind
G-Pivot (pivot using your front truck)
Rewind (fakie to fakie 50/50)
Alley Oop 50/50 Fakie
Pivot Rollback
Backside Disaster to Smith
Lipslide Revert
Lipslide Smith
Schroeder Bomb (lipslide roll in)
Sweeper Death 
The Ghost Rider - which is pure insanity and needs to be witnessed to comprehend. 

Ha! I mean these are just a few of Schroeder’s contributions. There are more… In the end, what’s important? Ben is a man who loves skateboarding. On every level he has dedicated himself to the progression of skateboarding. Whether it be by riding and pushing boundaries or his passion for designing skate parks. Ben is not a man who is afraid to get his hands dirty…



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