Jason Jessee x Suicidal Skates x Hard Luck


Tomorrow, Thursday April 13th at 12pm PST Dogtown x Suicidal will be dropping the Limited Edition Run of 100 signed and numbered Jason Jessee decks at www.dogtownskateboards.com 

This original artwork was created for Jason by Chuco Moreno. For this project Jim Muir created a custom hand painted design and chose a more subtle paint fade to allow Chuco’s artwork to be the main focus. This old school paint job consists of six layers of lacquer paint.

The graphic is also hand screened in the tradition of classic old school skateboards.

Made in the USA

Priced at $175 the package includes:

1 Jason Jessee Suicidal Skates Signed and Numbered by Jason and Mike Muir
1 Hard Luck Orange Beanie
1 Suicidal Skates 'Eat Shit' Patch

 Deck Size

9.25" w x 32.75"
15.25" wb
7" n
6.75" t

Click here for a direct link to purchase it 12pm PST