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DTST X Mike Vallely


 Filmed and edited by Josh McHale

A collaboration 25+ years in the making.

Mike Vallely and Jim “Red Dog” Muir had an early conversation in 1988 at the Tempe, AZ Duel in the Desert contest. Jim commented on how Mike V  was no “Bones Brigader” and was instead Dogtown material. Through the years Jim, his brother Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies, and Mike V “have lived in that place where Skateboarding and Punk Rock music intersect” - Speaking their minds and doing things their own way.

25+ years later DTXST is helping the story come full circle. Mike V, respected for his history and contribution to skateboarding, Mike Muir, lead singer/founder of Suicidal Tendencies, and Jim Muir, a 2014 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee bring you a 3 skateboard series.

Releasing under the Suicidal Skates brand and shaped by Jim Muir. Jim drew inspiration from the mid-80’s Dogtown Web skateboard and Street Plant era.
Artwork by Ric Clayton: the original ST Possessed to Skate artist. Ric’s
inspiration is drawn from Mike V’s iconic Judo Street Plant. From concept to the concrete: by skateboarders, for skateboarders.




Possessed to Skate Limited Color Fade

  • 9.875 x 30.75 - wb 16 - n 4 - t 6.5
  • Retail $150
  • Handsprayed Red/Orange Fade with Purple Metal rail highlight
  • Signed by Mike Vallely & Mike Muir
  • 100% USA Made
  • 7-color graphic hand screen printed
  • Limited and numbered run of 100
*Strict limit of 2 per customer/checkout
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DTS The Video - John Cardiel

We've been going through the archives and found this gem from the early 90's. The only DTS video made. Here's John Cardiel's part. All Hail Cardiel!

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New Dogtown Video "Rolling with Paul Constantineau"

This edition of "Rolling With..." features original Z-Boy Paul Constantineau at the iconic Paul Revere banks. Featuring the PC Tail Tap OG Rider deck and Dogtown Mini Cruiser wheels. Know your history. Now go skate!

Here's some pics from the shoot. And don't forget to check out our PC Tail Tap skateboard decks and completes....



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