Suicidal Skates X Jason Jessee Limited Guest Collection

RELEASING 12:00am 9/13/2016

Suicidal Skates X Jason Jessee Limited Guest Collection
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In the world of Skateboarding there are numerous individuals and cultural influences that drive our lifestyle and community. In rare cases an individual will personify our cross culture lifestyle in an unique iconic way that demands respect form all generations of skateboarders young and old.Suicidal Skates is proud to present the Jason Jessee Limited Guest Collection. The Jason Jessee Limited Guest Board was a natural fit for Suicidal Skates and deeply personal. The cultural influences of Surf, Skate, Cars, Motorcycles, and Multi-Ethnicity California lifestyle has been a cross thread in the over 30 year relationship between the Muir Brothers and Jason.

Having Chuco Moreno illustrate this collection was a natural fit. Straight Friends and Family from the start. Chuco’s ability to artistically represent this collection is a source of pride from all parties involved!

We are extremely proud and honored to present this collection to you.

-Jim "Red Dog" Muir

From Mike Muir

Attitude, Intensity, Aggression, Integrity...
That's Jason Jessee
That's our punk rock music roots...
I admire his legacy.
I cherish his friendship.

Three worlds come colliding brutally with the new Suicidal Skates X Jason Jessee Limited Guest Collection, and perfectly illustrated by Chuco Moreno.

-Mike Muir

Art by Chuco Moreno

Growing up in Califas in the 80’s and early 90’s was a heck of a thing. It was a kaleidoscope of cultures and the crossroads of creativity. I came up in the low rent districts, in the Varrios and in the back streets of this state. Dudes didn’t have much on my block, but what they did have was style and a “Live or Die” outlook on life. This bred hardcore individuals that carved their own way along these paths. Some went far, others burnt out fast, but there are a few that survived the chaos and came to be known as legends. When I was a little Vato, I knew some skaters. These dudes where down and like myself pushed the limits in life and on the streets. Vatos and skaters have always coexisted in the California streets. They have both played and payed the price for their recognition and the two cultures often mimicked each other in their styles.

I’m CHUCO MORENO, I’m a Vato, and I can still land a kick flip in my Cortez’s!

-Chuco Moreno