Dogtown Eric Dressen Street 80s Reissue Deck 10" x 30.45"

$ 84.00

Dogtown Skateboards is stoked to announce the release of Eric Dressen’s first ever Pro “Street” Model Skateboard from 1987 when Eric first turned professional for Dogtown Skateboards. We are so proud to be a part of his legacy that he continues to create to this day.

Meticulously crafted by PS Stix, this deck has the same shape and dimensions 10" x 30.45” as his original deck from 1987 featuring artwork by Michael Seiff. Michael Seiff’s artwork is characterized by intricate line work, bold colors, and a powerful sense of movement that perfectly captures the energy and excitement of skateboarding. This board has never been reissued and people have been requesting this reissue for years!


Made at PS Stix
Front wheel Wells
Black Stain Bottom
Assorted Top and Middle Stains

width 10"
length 30.45"
nose 4.5"
tail 6.625"
wheelbase 15"

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