Dogtown Tim Jackson Limited Edition Reissue Deck


$ 150.00

Dogtown Tim Jackson Limited Edition Reissue Deck 10.25" x 30.5125"

Tim Jackson is a Venice Skateboarder. Tim lived 2 blocks from the Venice Pavilion as the street skating revolution of the mid-80’s was being fueled by Natas, Gonz, and Eric D. Tim developed a unique bag of tricks that utilized every terrain in the Venice Pavilion that had no transition. Tim is a a skateboarding cult icon that can be witnessed in his one and only video part by Speed Wheels in the “Risk It” video.

We are releasing a Limited Edition run of 43 signed and numbered custom sprayed silk screened Tim Jackson reissue decks. The Jim “Red Dog” Muir custom spray “Emerald Sea” color is a candy flake mix of green, light blue and purple requiring seven coats of lacquer paint. We will be dropping the boards first come first serve at on Thursday, June 27th at 12:00pm PST.


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