Dogtown x The Shrine Deck


$ 70.00

Josh Landau of The Shrine has been family of ours since he was a kid hopping fences and draining pools with us. He started this rad band, Rabies, and shortly after formed The Shrine. Years later and a few times around the globe, The Shrine is now a Thrasher Magazine Skaterock Anthem band. Pretty sure they've torn through your town a few times. The artwork on The Shrine's album BLESS OFF was influenced by the Born Again Dogtown graphic drawn by Ric Clayton back in 1985. Jim Muir teamed up with Josh Landau, took the classic shape of the Born Again deck and made a modern "rider" version of it and melded the classic deck graphic with the album cover.

width 8.75" 
length  32.5"
nose 7"
tail 6.625"
wheelbase 14.75"


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