The Return of the 'O' Stinger - Friday November 19th at 12pm PST

‘O’ was a TWS staff photographer and a big supporter of Dogtown riders Dressen, Murray, Oster, Jackson Brothers, etc. in the ’80s and early ’90s. When ‘O’ customized a ‘Triplane’ with a double stinger which was inspired by the 1970s airbrushed graphics and surfboard designs, we knew it was the start of something great and became the XX Stinger. His first releases sold out and through the delays of Covid it seemed like we would never see another one, but through the magic of 'O' he graced us with not one, but 4 different offerings as well as a Stinger T-Shirt all of which are going to be released on Friday, November 19th at 12 pm PST at

Below are descriptions by O of each each board:

Black on Black/Pink - Hand painted by me, 7 total for sale. Black has always been a fave of many people, it’s kinda: “It’s So Cool, You Don’t Even Know About” Vibe. I painted each deck and they are a personal fave of my series.

Marbled Black Series - 59 Limited Edition, Hand Dipped, Signed and Numbered, each board is completely unique. The Marble/Space is applied by submerging the entire Deck into the water, a feat you must learn, as to not damage the glue and laminates. These Decks have a very USA Submarine color scheme vibe and are hand screened.

Grey / USA - Limited and signed to only 5 total. hand screened.

Rasta Stinger - Production run featuring neon green, yellow and red. Hand screened.


All decks are Made in San Diego, California and Hand Screened by Chicken at Screaming Squeegees.

Stinger T - Black T with yellow print. Available in sizes S - XXXL.


Releasing Friday, November 19th at 12 pm PST at