Dogtown Triplane Reissue

Here at Dogtown every deck we release/reissue is special unto itself. But every once in a while there is a project that carries extra emotion and detail. The Jim Muir “Triplane” is one of those boards. This board has three features that figure prominently in the history of skateboarding during the late 1970’s when Dogtown Founders, Jim “Red Dog” Muir and Wes “Bull Dog” Humpston were revolutionizing skateboard designs and supplied their handmade DTS skate decks to the pioneers of backyard pool riding.

The most important contribution we feel Dogtown brought to skateboard design was concave and the Triplane was the first production deck that incorporated it.


As Jim and Wes were building and designing boards in their backyard some of their flat stock 1/2” hardwood material would become cupped. Rather than waste the cupped material they decided to build convex and concave decks and test how they rode on the vertical pool terrain versus the flat boards that were standard in those days. During that development period they found out they could make a board and ride it in the same day, so their designs advanced quite quickly. During that period they immediately determined that the concave planks helped hold your feet on the deck and gave you better control of the board. By the summer of 1977 the handmade and hand drawn Dogtown boards were being featured in the pages of Skateboarder and Skateboard World magazines.

In redesigning the Triplane, Jim collaborated with Paul Schmitt of PS Stix to recreate this classic deck. To start this process surviving O.G. Triplanes were resourced and detailed and a new(old) mold was created. The outer layer that makes the Triplane unique is Yorkite, which is a wood product developed for furniture and woodworking as a protective and balancing veneer. It was also used on the Kryptonic “K Beam” and Shogo Kubo “Air Beam” which is the reason so many of these boards survived to be the highly coveted collector boards they are today.

Sample Triplanes were pressed and test ridden and the art work was recreated. Three different graphic color ways have been designed for three different board releases. All of the boards are hand screened the old fashioned way, right down to the multi color fades on the top and bottom graphics. The first board release will be a black Yorkite Triplane production reissue. The second board release will be a very limited white Yorkite Triplane Rider with wheel wells added. The third board release will be a limited edition, signed and numbered special graphic color way.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the reissue process and final product!

The Dogtown Triplane Reissue will be available 12AM PST November 9th.


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Hitting the road to Bills Wheels

Talk is cheap, so instead of bogging your mind down with useless text we went photo heavy on this post. What you need to know is that some heavy local SC spots were hit, apples were picked and much fun was had by the whole crew. A big congratulations goes out to Bill Ackerman at Bills Wheels for 40 years of serving the Santa Cruz skateboard community. We can only imagine how many kids have grown up in that shop. -  Photography by Lance Dalgart

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Ben Schroeder Limited Release Neon Green with Purple Fade Available June 23rd.

Ben Schroeder Limited Release of 30 signed and numbered custom painted and silk screened board available June 23rd at 12pm Noon PST.

This board features Neon Green with a Purple Fade and a light gold metallic flake highlight paint and is silkscreened. Made in the USA.

Here's what Jeff Grosso had to say about Ben:

Ben didn’t like music as a child.

He’s from a quaint little town called Monrovia, located in the San Gabriel Valley, about a half an hour east of Los Angeles. He came up in the early eighties. His Brothers and he had created a ramp in their parents back yard that quickly became the local hot spot. 

He was larger than the rest of his brothers. Hell, of the rest of skateboarding! But, thats not what made him stand out. It was this elegant approach and willingness to take the hit. There is an obscene strength in Ben’s riding and an effortless grace that make it insanely exciting to watch. Like a locomotive barreling down the track you just can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. 

Which brings us to his trick contribution. Fleet of foot, strong in his convictions, Ben 10 likes to turn, to feel his skateboard beneath his feet. There is an intelligence in his riding, and in a time that everyone was shooting for the stars, Ben was mastering the lip. Tricks like…

The Chaffe Slide (frontside tail slide)
Chaffe Slide Revert
Alley Oop Lipslide
Disco Lip (alley oop 50/50, lipslide, smith)
Alley Oop Nose Grind
G-Pivot (pivot using your front truck)
Rewind (fakie to fakie 50/50)
Alley Oop 50/50 Fakie
Pivot Rollback
Backside Disaster to Smith
Lipslide Revert
Lipslide Smith
Schroeder Bomb (lipslide roll in)
Sweeper Death 
The Ghost Rider - which is pure insanity and needs to be witnessed to comprehend. 

Ha! I mean these are just a few of Schroeder’s contributions. There are more… In the end, what’s important? Ben is a man who loves skateboarding. On every level he has dedicated himself to the progression of skateboarding. Whether it be by riding and pushing boundaries or his passion for designing skate parks. Ben is not a man who is afraid to get his hands dirty…



For more information click here


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Dogtown x The Shrine board release party 4/27

Dogtown Skateboards and The Shrine, have come together to release a special, limited-edition, skateboard in celebration of the symbiotic relationship between music,timeless style, and the transformative art of skateboarding.

Dogtown Skateboards was birthed in 1976 out of the notorious Zephyr surf and skate scene that dominated southern California in the ‘70s (as documented in the films “Dogtown & Z-Boys” and “Lords of Dogtown” (starring Heath Ledger and Emile Hersch)), and has since cemented itself as an integral part of not just California-culture, but American culture as we know it.

Dogtown is a world-renowned empire credited as the jumping-off point for the art form we recognize skateboarding as today, and incidentally also the nucleus for the entire extreme sports arena globally. Started by Z-boy Jim Muir himself, Dogtown has consistently held close ties with the world of music and culture. Jim is the older brother of Mike Muir, frontman for the integral Venice-based punk band, Suicidal Tendencies , and the two have gone hand-in-hand since day one. Dogtown ’s relationship with the LA music scene created a shatterproof legacy that continues to inspire current and future generations all over the world.

The Shrine is a Venice-based, down and dirty, rock ‘n’ roll band that was kick-started by charismatic frontman and lifelong shredder, Josh Landau. At 27 years old, Josh is a Santa Monica High School alumni as well as a Venice Beach local. He has been featured in global ad campaigns for Converse Shoes & Marshall Headphones as well as working with Crap Eyewear, Deadwood Leather, Schott. Described by Rolling Stone Magazine as “equal parts Black Flag and Thin Lizzy”, The Shrine continues the true-to-Venice tradition of eating, breathing, and sleeping skateboarding and rock ‘n’ roll. After spending half of 2016 on the road touring Japan, Australia, Europe, and South America, The Shrine has spent first quarter of 2017 at home in Los Angeles working on the new song “I Can’t Control It”.

Drawing parallels between the relationship of Jim and Mike Muir, Josh Landau is the older brother of noted skateboarder, Jason Landau, who spends his days on the grind for illustrious clothing label, Supreme , and upholding his reputation as one of the young and dangerous up-and-comers in the LA pool-skating scene. Both Josh and Jason were featured in Tino Razo’s new book “Party In The Back”, which documents California landscapes and current backyard pool skateboarding. The book received critical acclaim worldwide, with release parties in 5 different countries, as well as the cover of LA Weekly the week it was released.

Shepard Fairey , who has championed the band and hosted performances at his art gallery, has teamed up for this project with a limited collection of t-shirts bearing the classic Dogtown x The Shrine graphic under his Obey Clothing label.

The Shrine X Dogtown skate deck collaboration is a culmination of this deep-rooted union between Venice, skateboarding, and music, decades in the making.

April 27th is the official release party at Black Bar in Hollywood with guest DJ’s Jason Landau (pro skateboarder), Spanto (owner of Born x Raised clothing), Pubes (Obey) and The Shrine themselves.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Jason Jessee x Suicidal Skates x Hard Luck


Tomorrow, Thursday April 13th at 12pm PST Dogtown x Suicidal will be dropping the Limited Edition Run of 100 signed and numbered Jason Jessee decks at 

This original artwork was created for Jason by Chuco Moreno. For this project Jim Muir created a custom hand painted design and chose a more subtle paint fade to allow Chuco’s artwork to be the main focus. This old school paint job consists of six layers of lacquer paint.

The graphic is also hand screened in the tradition of classic old school skateboards.

Made in the USA

Priced at $175 the package includes:

1 Jason Jessee Suicidal Skates Signed and Numbered by Jason and Mike Muir
1 Hard Luck Orange Beanie
1 Suicidal Skates 'Eat Shit' Patch

 Deck Size

9.25" w x 32.75"
15.25" wb
7" n
6.75" t

Click here for a direct link to purchase it 12pm PST



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Aaron Murray Pearl White “Fingers” Board Available January 24th at 12pm PST

Limited Edition run of 41 Aaron Murray “Pearl White” 10.5” X 31” “Fingers” Boards. Custom sprayed and silkscreened by Jim “Red Dog” Muir. Signed and numbered by Aaron “Fingers” Murray. These boards will be dropping on Tuesday, January  24, at 12:00 noon. Jim painted these boards with 6 coats of pearlescent paint and silkscreened the four color original art by Kevin Ancell. 

The original run of 53 boards were made in 2012 and were put in storage minus the 12 boards that went to Aaron, Jim, and charitable donations. When Jim cleared out his storage to bring his archives to the new DT warehouse he rediscovered these decks. This Limited Edition iconic deck shape will be available at $150.00 each at

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Eric Dressen 1/1 Limited Edition available 12/8/2016 at 12pm PST

When we visualized the Eric Dressen Limited Edition, Jim Muir took the opportunity to create 12 different custom spray color ways to choose from. After Eric picked his favorite custom spray, we screened all of the one-offs with the his Limited run. We are now releasing 10 one of a kind signed 1/1 decks priced at $250.00 each on Thursday, December 8th, at 12:00 noon PST. Each unique deck is a classic and one of a kind! 

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Suicidal X Jason Jessee Limited Guest Model

****SOLD OUT****

Suicidal Jason Jessee LIMITED Guest Model Reissue Shape featuring art by Chuco Moreno. Custom fade spray designed by Jim "Red Dog" Muir. Bright aluminum, to steel grey, to gloss black with silver metal flake. Signed and numbered by Jason Jessee and Mike Muir. Hand crafted in the USA by Watson Laminates. Screenprinted by hand. Limited to 40 units, online sales only.


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Suicidal X Jason Jessee Guest Collection - Releasing Wednesday, 9/13/16

We are excited to launch the Suicidal X Jason Jessee Guest Collection tomorrow. Product will go live at 12:00am PST, 9/13/16. Available here direct or at finer skateshops.

Full info on the collection here...

Here's a quick preview of the goods:

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Shipping September 13th

In the world of Skateboarding there are numerous individuals and cultural influences that drive our lifestyle and community. In rare cases an individual will personify our cross culture lifestyle in an unique iconic way that demands respect form all generations of skateboarders young and old.
Suicidal Skates is proud to present the Jason Jessee Limited Guest Collection. The Jason Jessee Limited Guest Board was a natural fit for Suicidal Skates and deeply personal. The cultural influences of Surf, Skate, Cars, Motorcycles, and multi ethnicity California lifestyle has been a cross thread in the over 30 year relationship between the Muir Brothers and Jason.
Having Chuco Moreno illustrate this collection was a natural fit. Straight Friends and Family from the start. Chuco’s ability to artistically represent this collection is a source of pride from all parties involved!
We are extremely proud and honored to present this collection to you.

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