New Dogtown Video "Rolling with Paul Constantineau"

This edition of "Rolling With..." features original Z-Boy Paul Constantineau at the iconic Paul Revere banks. Featuring the PC Tail Tap OG Rider deck and Dogtown Mini Cruiser wheels. Know your history. Now go skate!

Here's some pics from the shoot. And don't forget to check out our PC Tail Tap skateboard decks and completes....



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DOGTOWN X BRANCH Collab Limited Deck Release


Dogtown Skateboards & Branch Distribution are proud to present an exclusive skateboard designed by Jim "Red Dog" Muir, creator of Dogtown. This is a custom shape reflecting the classic 70's lines of the first pool decks. Original art was created by Ric Clayton aka RxCx, the artist behind many iconic graphics of the past. The color fade was hand-sprayed by Red Dog in Venice, CA. The artwork was screenprinted by Chicken and his crew at the legendary Screaming Squeegees. Limited to 14 total for sale here on all signed by Jim Muir. Includes 6-song Suicidal Tendencies CD "Know Your Roots" with art by Ric Clayton.

We will release this limited deck here on on Thursday, February 12th, 2015 at 11am PST.


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David Gonzales talks "Possessed To Skate"

Check out this video on David Gonzales talks Suicidal Tendencies and how he's "Possessed To Skate"! You might have to watch a commercial before the video plays, but it's worth it.

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Tech Talk with Red Dog

Red Dog introduces Dogtown's all new Loose Trucks Series of skateboard decks. Popsicle shapes with wheel wells! Click to view the video clip.


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First off, thanks to everyone for a great 2014. It was a year full of news for us:
We brought Dogtown Skateboards back to its roots and home here in Venice Beach, CA.
Jim and Mike Muir joined forces to create DOGTOWN X SUICIDAL distribution.
Suicidal Tendencies rocked to Forum with Slayer.
Jason Landau proved that OG Rider decks can shred as hard as popsicles.


We finished our catalog for 2015. So thanks again for all the support and feedback on our relaunch. Here's to a big 2015 full of carves, slides, and grinds.

Get some,



Check out the new catalog here...

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Free Shipping this weekend!

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $40 through end of Sunday, December 14th. Get all your Dogtown and Suicidal products shipped for free NOW!

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Jason Landau rips shreds the new Dogtown OG Rider Deck Series

Jason Landau rip shreds the new Dogtown OG Rider Series through the streets, curbs, banks and walls. Check out all 3 OG Rider decks now shipping from the source in Venice, CA.

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Free ST Tattoos on Thursday, November 13th

Mark your calendar... Free ST tattoo event!
Suicidal Tendencies is so excited to be playing the Forum on November 14th.
ST TATTOO STudio wants to make this special event even more memorable. Not only can you buy floor tickets at cost(which are sold out, they have the last ones, and with no extra ticket fee charges), if you buy your ticket there,
ST TATTOO STudio will give you your choice of one of the above ST tattoos for FREE on November 13th from 3pm to 6 pm at ST TATTOO STudio.
If you already bought your ticket and want a ST tattoo, no problem, just bring your ticket with you. 
The BIG Boss Mr. "Clown" Brown (who's drawn numbers ST t'shirts and artwork) and ST TATTOO artist Donovan Faulkner will be doing them as well as Dogtown legend Eric Dressen!
ST guitarist Nico Santora will be there to get his ST Tattoo also.
Pep Williams and Raul will also be filming this event for upcoming special DVD.
Come on down and be a part of this event...
Also drop by any time to enter raffle to win a new Possessed to Skate deck and Dogtown Skates T shirts, provided by Dogtown x Suicidal 

Legendary Jim "Red Dog" Muir (owner of Dogtown skates, Original Z boy, Skateboard Hall of Fame Inductee and ST singer's Mike Muir's Brother) will pull the winning Raffle tickets, which will be held at 6PM Thursday the 13th. 
Remember...No tattoo's required, they are only encouraged 
RSVP, First come first serve.
12601 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone:(310) 390-6722
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Skate Culture Blog

Skate Culture's blog features a lot of cool posts on Venice and old school skateboarding. 
Check out the DOGTOWN x SUICIDAL mention on a recent post here about our OG Rider decks.
Get Shredding on these fun ones now.

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New DTxST Fall Catalog Online Now!

Our 2014 Fall Catalog is now available.

If you've already placed an order, you've probably seen it. We include stickers and a copy of the catalog in each box. Check it out here...

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