Dogtown 90s Pro Decks & T-Shirts Available Tuesday May 24th at 10am PST

Dogtown Skateboards will be releasing 90s reissues of the Bryce Kanights 'Flower Guy', Karma Tscocheff 'Puppet', JJ Rogers 'God of Death' and Wade Speyer 'Victory' decks on Tuesday, May 24th at 10am PST.

The boards are proudly made by PS Stix with the original art and shape from that era. They will be available in shops and our online store

Along with the skateboard drop, a run of T's will also be available. 






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WeeMan Dogtown Limited Edition 'Sabotage' Reissue Deck Available Tuesday Feb 8th at 12pm PST

The WeeMan x DogTown deck reissue celebrates 22 years of WeeMan’s association with the Dogtown and Jackass families.

This Limited Edition silk screened run of 100 signed and numbered decks features a custom painted gloss black with blue sapphire flake color shift with a total of 5 coats of paint. The boards are proudly made by PS Stix with art by Bart Saric and Hand Screened by Cholo. They will be available on Tuesday, February 8th at 12 PM Noon PST at

First come, first served.


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The Return of the 'O' Stinger - Friday November 19th at 12pm PST

‘O’ was a TWS staff photographer and a big supporter of Dogtown riders Dressen, Murray, Oster, Jackson Brothers, etc. in the ’80s and early ’90s. When ‘O’ customized a ‘Triplane’ with a double stinger which was inspired by the 1970s airbrushed graphics and surfboard designs, we knew it was the start of something great and became the XX Stinger. His first releases sold out and through the delays of Covid it seemed like we would never see another one, but through the magic of 'O' he graced us with not one, but 4 different offerings as well as a Stinger T-Shirt all of which are going to be released on Friday, November 19th at 12 pm PST at

Below are descriptions by O of each each board:

Black on Black/Pink - Hand painted by me, 7 total for sale. Black has always been a fave of many people, it’s kinda: “It’s So Cool, You Don’t Even Know About” Vibe. I painted each deck and they are a personal fave of my series.

Marbled Black Series - 59 Limited Edition, Hand Dipped, Signed and Numbered, each board is completely unique. The Marble/Space is applied by submerging the entire Deck into the water, a feat you must learn, as to not damage the glue and laminates. These Decks have a very USA Submarine color scheme vibe and are hand screened.

Grey / USA - Limited and signed to only 5 total. hand screened.

Rasta Stinger - Production run featuring neon green, yellow and red. Hand screened.


All decks are Made in San Diego, California and Hand Screened by Chicken at Screaming Squeegees.

Stinger T - Black T with yellow print. Available in sizes S - XXXL.


Releasing Friday, November 19th at 12 pm PST at

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Dogtown Jesse Martinez Board Release

Buy Online Now
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In 2015 we released the SUICIDAL SKATES X MIKE VALLELY X POSSESSED TO SKATE deck featuring artwork by Ric Clayton aka RxCx. Thirty years ago Mike V’s unidirectional BARNYARD deck was released. The BARNYARD shape helped to evolve the 1980’s Street Skating movement led by Natas, The Gonz, Mike V., Eric D., and Tommy G.


We are releasing two Limited Edition color ways hand painted by Jim “Red dog” Muir. These boards each have nine coats of lacquer paint and are Silk Screened by Screaming Squeegees and signed and numbered by Mike Vallely and Mike Muir.


 Release details:

45  “Silver Fade” Decks - Featuring a silver to gold to bronze to orange fade mixture of metallics and flakes and 72 “Gold Fade” Decks - Featuring a gold to orange to red to purple fade mixture of metallics and flakes.

This Limited Edition Release is available at on March 12, 2020 at 12:00 noon PST.

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Limited Edition XX Stinger

Limited Edition Dogtown XX Stinger will be available TODAY, Sept 26th at 12pm PST only at

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Dogtown x The Shrine board release party 4/27

Dogtown Skateboards and The Shrine, have come together to release a special, limited-edition, skateboard in celebration of the symbiotic relationship between music,timeless style, and the transformative art of skateboarding.

Dogtown Skateboards was birthed in 1976 out of the notorious Zephyr surf and skate scene that dominated southern California in the ‘70s (as documented in the films “Dogtown & Z-Boys” and “Lords of Dogtown” (starring Heath Ledger and Emile Hersch)), and has since cemented itself as an integral part of not just California-culture, but American culture as we know it.

Dogtown is a world-renowned empire credited as the jumping-off point for the art form we recognize skateboarding as today, and incidentally also the nucleus for the entire extreme sports arena globally. Started by Z-boy Jim Muir himself, Dogtown has consistently held close ties with the world of music and culture. Jim is the older brother of Mike Muir, frontman for the integral Venice-based punk band, Suicidal Tendencies , and the two have gone hand-in-hand since day one. Dogtown ’s relationship with the LA music scene created a shatterproof legacy that continues to inspire current and future generations all over the world.

The Shrine is a Venice-based, down and dirty, rock ‘n’ roll band that was kick-started by charismatic frontman and lifelong shredder, Josh Landau. At 27 years old, Josh is a Santa Monica High School alumni as well as a Venice Beach local. He has been featured in global ad campaigns for Converse Shoes & Marshall Headphones as well as working with Crap Eyewear, Deadwood Leather, Schott. Described by Rolling Stone Magazine as “equal parts Black Flag and Thin Lizzy”, The Shrine continues the true-to-Venice tradition of eating, breathing, and sleeping skateboarding and rock ‘n’ roll. After spending half of 2016 on the road touring Japan, Australia, Europe, and South America, The Shrine has spent first quarter of 2017 at home in Los Angeles working on the new song “I Can’t Control It”.

Drawing parallels between the relationship of Jim and Mike Muir, Josh Landau is the older brother of noted skateboarder, Jason Landau, who spends his days on the grind for illustrious clothing label, Supreme , and upholding his reputation as one of the young and dangerous up-and-comers in the LA pool-skating scene. Both Josh and Jason were featured in Tino Razo’s new book “Party In The Back”, which documents California landscapes and current backyard pool skateboarding. The book received critical acclaim worldwide, with release parties in 5 different countries, as well as the cover of LA Weekly the week it was released.

Shepard Fairey , who has championed the band and hosted performances at his art gallery, has teamed up for this project with a limited collection of t-shirts bearing the classic Dogtown x The Shrine graphic under his Obey Clothing label.

The Shrine X Dogtown skate deck collaboration is a culmination of this deep-rooted union between Venice, skateboarding, and music, decades in the making.

April 27th is the official release party at Black Bar in Hollywood with guest DJ’s Jason Landau (pro skateboarder), Spanto (owner of Born x Raised clothing), Pubes (Obey) and The Shrine themselves.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Aaron Murray Pearl White “Fingers” Board Available January 24th at 12pm PST

Limited Edition run of 41 Aaron Murray “Pearl White” 10.5” X 31” “Fingers” Boards. Custom sprayed and silkscreened by Jim “Red Dog” Muir. Signed and numbered by Aaron “Fingers” Murray. These boards will be dropping on Tuesday, January  24, at 12:00 noon. Jim painted these boards with 6 coats of pearlescent paint and silkscreened the four color original art by Kevin Ancell. 

The original run of 53 boards were made in 2012 and were put in storage minus the 12 boards that went to Aaron, Jim, and charitable donations. When Jim cleared out his storage to bring his archives to the new DT warehouse he rediscovered these decks. This Limited Edition iconic deck shape will be available at $150.00 each at

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Eric Dressen 1/1 Limited Edition available 12/8/2016 at 12pm PST

When we visualized the Eric Dressen Limited Edition, Jim Muir took the opportunity to create 12 different custom spray color ways to choose from. After Eric picked his favorite custom spray, we screened all of the one-offs with the his Limited run. We are now releasing 10 one of a kind signed 1/1 decks priced at $250.00 each on Thursday, December 8th, at 12:00 noon PST. Each unique deck is a classic and one of a kind! 

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Eric Dressen Limited Skateboard Deck Release - March 10, 2016


Limited Edition Eric Dressen Board
& Chuck Katz Photo Print Release

On Thursday, March 10th, 2016 at 12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time, we will be releasing 120 custom sprayed, silkscreened, signed & numbered Eric Dressen boards. The latest Jim Muir custom spray color way is a transparent ghost black with a metallic gun metal grey fade and a silkscreen of Eric’s first Dogtown graphic drawn by Kevin Ancell. The price for this release is $150.00 plus shipping. First come, first served with a one board per customer limit. We ship worldwide.

We also asked Chuck Katz (Dogtown and Thrasher Magazine photographer) to pull his favorite photo of Eric Dressen from his archives for a limited run of 30 prints signed by Chuck and Eric Dressen 8.5” X 11” prints. Printed on Exhibition Fiber Paper, this photograph is from the Venice Pavilion circa 1987. It really tells a story of the energy and progression that was going down at such a historic time and place in skateboard history. The print will release Thursday, March 10th at 12 Noon PST. 

Jim Muir on Eric Dressen

Eric Dressen was the first super grom kid that I ever saw in 1977. At ten years of age he was sponsored by Logan Earth Ski. I would see him at contests and at the first ever skatepark built, Carlsbad Skatepark. The first time he really impressed me was at the 1977 opening of Skateboard World Skatepark in Torrance, CA. In those days builders were still trying to figure out how to make functional parks and any skatepark opening was a huge deal and event. Every sponsored pro from the time period was there. You can only imagine the snake session going on in that shitty half pipe.

I am standing there and I see this 3’6” kid in the mix. Eric was holding his own, getting his runs and most of all he was ripping! From 1978 to 1980 he rode for Alva Skateboards. Along came 1980 and skateboarding's popularity dropped like a bad habit. Fast forward to the mid-80’s where I was running Dogtown again. We had a small team of local amateurs and we were hitting all of the contests as skateboarding was starting to boom again. Kelly Jackson, Aaron Murray, and Scott Oster were telling me they had been skating with Eric and we should consider sponsoring him.

When I saw him skate again there was nothing to consider. I immediately added him to the team. We continued hitting up the amateur skate scene as street skating started to gain popularity. I was privileged to watch Eric along with Natas, Gonz, and Jesse Martinez establish a new genre of skateboarding in the streets from where skateboarding originated. But Eric is not just a street skater. He kills it in Pools, Parks, Ramps or any terrain to this day.

Both the deck and the photo print will be available on
Thursday, March 10th, 2016 at 12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time
Online orders only - No prebooks or phone orders accepted.


Check out the photos below shot by Chuck Katz during the signing of the decks and photo prints.

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